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Avoiding The Unreliable Cashier During Checkout

During my very recent visit to the supermarket, I was using a few coupons and only one of which was a print-at-home and also a Manufacturer’s coupon. The others were original paper ones you see in the newspaper from SmartSource, Redplum and the likes.

When I handed the cashier the coupons I was using on my checkout, she informed me that I could not use the print-at-home coupon I had printed some time ago. It wasn’t expired, I checked the date, and scanned it quickly when she handed it back to me. I wanted to use that coupon, so I went into my coupon binder and took the paper ones from the newspaper that I clipped and gave that to her in place of that – both coupons were valued at the same amount. I had managed to get about four or five of the same coupons because I purchased two newspapers and I also was able to print the amount of two per computer that every coupon site allows you. This rule of thumb is one EVERY couponer should know. Each website like or only allow you to print two coupons per computer. If you have more than one computer you have access to, then you have access to more coupons!

Nonetheless when I whipped out my coupon binder (which amazed her) and quickly spotted the coupon, I handed it to the cashier to scan and my checkout was then complete. I informed her that there was nothing wrong with the print-at-home coupon. I knew the store’s policy in which they DO accept legal, not copied print-at-home internet coupons.

The cashier told me, “The manager told me not to accept any coupons that are copied.”

I informed her that it wasn’t and that it was an original photocopied print-at-home coupon. Certain cashiers won’t be very knowledgeable in what fraudulent coupons look like or what an internet coupon is and how to tell the difference between the two. Rather than calling the manager over for one coupon, I used another that I had. No biggie. Next time, however, I will remember she isn’t very aware of the difference between coupons and so I will probably seek out a different cashier if she’s on the register during my next visit.

It also might be worth the time to send a letter to the supermarket or call their customer service to let them know about the cashier giving you a bit of trouble during your experience to prevent other cashiers from making those mistakes in the future.


What ‘Googling’ Can Do For Your Couponing

Often times we use Google as our main search tool, to find something and quickly. I’m usually on Google anywhere between 15-20 times or more a day. And that’s no joke. I use it at work for personal stuff (I know, I know) and sometimes for work stuff, too. I’m almost always using Google to find coupon codes. A task that is almost always over-looked and always underestimated. In my searches I have stumbled upon some really great finds. There are a few websites out there that will leak some awesome coupon codes that you can use online at retail stores like Old Navy, JCPenney, Bath & Body Works, etc. and then there are also others that you will find that you can print and bring them to the stores, too. Trust me, I’m living proof.

I owe a good friend who I met in Argentina who put me on to which I use whenever I go shopping. Most of the retail stores that I shop at are on the site and have valid coupon codes that are updated every week or every other week. There are even stores like Coach Factory for the more frugal spenders who can snag 30% coupons on top of the factory discounts. Those kinds of coupons are ALWAYS updated.

What I like about this website is that the expiration codes are good usually for two to three weeks and I’ve had a 100% accuracy when using them when I shop. I’ve even printed them for family and friends on shopping trips and have saved a ton. When I go shopping at places like my favorites American Eagle Outfitters, I will use a coupon from the site if I don’t have a mailer coupon and I will remember to use the AE All Access Pass to build on my own points to keep getting coupons in the mail because you never know what kind of coupons you get every cycle.


I just recently stumbled on this site on one of my ‘Googling’ scavenges in search of a coupon code for some body jewelry on my favorite body jewelry site. Low and behold I managed to save 20% off of my order on top of the free shipping I normally get because my order was over a certain price and a $1.00 order credit. Total savings: $10.00 Bargain shopping? I think so.

RetailMeNot has a bunch of coupon codes and they tell you the accuracy in percentage. When you punch in the code upon your checkout online, you’ll notice immediately if the code works or not. It’s good to also check off if the code worked for you to let other shoppers know, too.

Google in it’s own way is a search engine all in itself. But what you can find will surprise you especially when you’re looking for ways to save a buck or two.