Watch Those Expiration Dates!

Before you know it, you will start to have more coupons than you can count. Which in turn means that your coupon pile will begin to expire, especially if you aren’t going on shopping hauls that often or at least using more than a few dozen or so coupons on each haul.

The best way to keep track of your coupons’ expiration dates is by writing them down in however fashion you keep your coupons in order. Some couponers like to keep their coupons solely in the order based on the date they expire. Then they manage to sort them by their type like produce, beauty and so forth. Managing to stay on top of the coupons’ expiration dates is crucial because you could be missing out on a good sale. Make sure you’re checking weekly fliers of the stores you follow to check for the sales and if you have a coupon for those items. You might also want to do a weekly walk through of the stores, too, just to see what else might be in stock that isn’t advertised in the flier, but is a temporary price cut or a price drop. This is crucial to how you use your coupons before they expire!


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