Coupons = Free Money!

Yes. Free Money. Don’t let coupons deter you from thinking otherwise, either. Coupons might be paper, but so is the green thing we all use to pay for rent, bills, and when we’re shopping. When we swipe a plastic credit card, it’s still money either way you look at it. And money isn’t free. But coupons are! Minus the ones you have to get in a newspaper, which in turn you have to buy. When you’re buying a newspaper, though, you’re pretty much getting your money back..and then some.

Since I became a frugal user of coupons, I really have started seeing just how much coupons have helped me in my purchases. It might only be $10-20 here and there deducted from each of my checkouts, but I think of it as $10-20 of free money used from coupons. Now imagine if you could double that later down the line? Look at the savings then!

It’s all a matter of strategy, really. And seeing coupons as money is never a bad thing. It’s just a better way at looking at the upside of couponing and saving money. Also, in keeping more money in your pocket than in the conglomerates’.


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