Keeping a Coupon Binder

In order to keep track of your coupons on a day to day basis, it’s really crucial to have some organization. Hence, keeping a binder or folders of some kind for your coupons is the best way to go. If you are keeping some type of organization that works best for your couponing, it will allow you to follow your savings and of course, your coupons!

So what does a coupon binder look like, you ask? Let me show you. Mine is still small, but it is growing every day as I continue to build my binder. When I get over 3,000 coupons I promise I will share my binder with you! For now I will just share some photos of images I pulled off of the web of what some binders look like that are similar to my own.

This binder just uses plain baseball card sleeves to fill coupons, with what appears as no tabs for categories. This can work for anyone if they know what is in their binder and if they are using it frequently.

The second binder has tabs with different categories labeled with things like “Produce.” This can be VERY helpful. I use this type of setup in my binder as it narrows down my search when I’m looking for a particular coupon. I have my coupons sorted then in each tab category with the coupons in the order of their expiration date, so that I can then know which coupons will be expiring soon.

There are a ton of different systems that work for everyone like the filing system in the basic file, too. Whatever works for you, then do it! Don’t over-exhaust yourself with finding a method that just doesn’t seem to work or is too over the top. Find something that is simple enough to start with and if later on you need to move on to something, then you can.

If you shop at stores like Target that create their own coupons which you can use with manufacturer coupons, then you might want to consider making a tab or category of its own to keep those coupons separate from manufacturer coupons.

You can look online and find how-to make your own binder. I was able to Google one and found an easy do it yourself guide on a coupon blogger’s site, Queenbee Coupons.

Happy Clipping!


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